Woof Ruff 

$149.95 CAD

12 x 18"

There are a couple of places this cool sign could be used.

Yard/garden - If you have several dogs and need to cordon off an area of your yard for them, this fun sign gives visitors a clear indication that this part of the yard is for the dogs. It can be fixed to a gate or post easily. It’s polite and fun and can save you a whole load of issues as it clearly indicates that this area is kept solely for dogs off lead.

Dog Exercise Area - If you own a piece of land that is being rented as a dog exercise area, this sign is a great addition to the entrance. It clearly states, in a fun way, that this is where dogs are running off lead. Rather than placing warning signs, this sign will give users and visitors to the dog park a clear, fun and polite message.

It’s made from HDPE which makes it the most robust sign for outdoor areas. It is

weather and impact resistant and will not rust, rot or delaminate. We guarantee it.